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WARNING: Don't ask for my opinion if you're not ready to hear it. I believe honesty is an act of kindness. If I don't like something I WILL TELL YOU if you ask.

Books are my true love. They make me happy and allow me to quiet my overly analytical mind in my wonderful but stressful, cerebral day-job. I'm currently obsessed with fanfics after stumbling upon them by accident in late 2018 after finally exploring the Wattpad account I set up 3 years ago but never used. I was surprised to discover I enjoyed reading stories where a real person is the main character in a work of fiction. The much too-young-for-me Harry Styles is currently my favourite leading man. Bit of a backwards fan of 1D as I enjoyed their music but I never paid any attention to them outside of that. I still don't. I never have and never will follow any of them on social media. THIS is my very first and last fan account! I

About my reading tastes, I f*cking hated AFTER. The best use of all pages of the 50 Shades books is as a liner for my kitty litter pan. Daddy-kink makes me cringe. Bad grammar and poor punctuation is fingernails down a chalkboard. I have no interest in Harry as a psychotic serial killer. I need a solid plot, well developed characters with the weaknesses and imperfections that make us human. Perfect Harry is BORING! Harry may be talented, handsome and seems to have a lovely heart. But his shit DOES stink and so does his morning breath. I love most genres, including those without a love story. I'm into dystopia, fantasy, sci-fi, time travel, romance (with at least a bit of smut please!), paranormal, etc.

I am grateful to the authors who selflessly share their work and allow us to join them in their adventures. xoxo
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Rox1968 Rox1968 May 21, 2019 12:15AM
Looking for some new stories to read. What are your 3 (or more) favourite COMPLETED Harry Styles or 1D books on Wattpad? I don’t care what genre or how old the book is, as long as it’s a compelling s...
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