My name's Rowan, I'm 16 and i just love writing <3

My friend's call me "the ice princess" bec.I usually stay cool and hardly ever lose my temper

I'm not the type of person to write What they like or dislike like
I prefer that you get to know me and judge me yourself

But here is just alil piece of myself

• Color: black
• Movie: A walk to remember / it's a boy girl thing
• Book: pride and prejudice / the friendship ring
• Hobbies: I write poems and stories
I play the guitar
I love science <3
I love Naruto

I like having fun and I usually get my inspiration from my personal life
Like: "Rule1: Never Date Your Bestfriend's Brother"
I wrote it bec. I did have a crush on him but well nothing actually happened and the story I'm working on has nothing to do with what happened in reality ^_^

So I hope you guys would like me and my works
If you do then please vote,comment and fan me :)
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    May 04, 2012 10:37PM
RowanXxHeart RowanXxHeart Sep 29, 2012 02:41PM
Heeeeey there everybody just stopping y to say that a new chapter of "Down With The British Boys" is now posted :)
      hope you like it
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Rule 1: Never Date Your Bestfriend's Brother

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