Super old account. It's been a decade. Unpublished everything. 

I really hate these things. -_-

Hey, y'all. I live off of red bull, coffee and cold pizza. It takes a lot to get me to come out of my room, because I'm kind of socially awkward to the max. O.O. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love everything about love even the painful, yucky parts.

I'M A CAT LADY! There! Alright, I said it! I do wuv my kitties though... *cuddles the kitty*

I ride horses. I have two! They're my babies. I'm a sophomore in university with a double major.

Chat me up, lovelies. If you need someone who understands sarcasm and dry humor I'm your girl. I'll probably use too many exclamation points in the beginning, but I'll get past that, promise. Send me reading requests! I'm always looking for good stuff to read.

Story stuff!

Everything on here is what I would consider a rough draft. It isn't edited. It isn't perfect. I'd never pretend it was.

'Teasing Fate' and 'Beauty and the Beast' stand alone. They're just the product of me indulging in my desire to write something "different" from my normal. Seduce Me stands alone as well.

'Check Mate' is the new, rewritten version of 'The Only Exception'. It is *kind of* a prequel to 'Don't Let Go', but they should be able to stand alone. 'Holding On' is the sequel to 'Don't Let Go'.

Check out my tumblr loves! It's got a few little fics that I've written. I might not update super often, but during my droughts on Wattpad that's where I'll be!

I'm also on twitter!

DFTBA. Best wishes.
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Hello lovelies!I have some great news! Stalemate is finally out and available for purchase!!! You can find links to purchase it on my Facebook page. The only downside is that I have to take down "D...
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