Hi! My name's Lydia! Yeah, that's me in the pictures... Please excuse my face. It fails. I know. Get over it.  :) 

Here are some random facts about me that you probably don't care about, but I'm telling you them anyway!

~I'm really weird! And very random, when I'm hyper :D

~I'm also very awkward! Just a warning! :P

~I forget things easily and space out a lot.

~I have trust issues, due to my old 'best friend' who talked behind my back a lot.

~I forgive people WAY too easily. So when you make me mad, hope you enjoy me forgiving you right away... even if you don't deserve it.

~I'm a nerd *sigh* But it's true, I'm two years ahead in math...

~I love music, I'll listen to practically anything. Except opera...

~I hate a ton of foods, but I'm up to try new things.

~Currently Obsessed with Peanut Butter Chips!! ya know, like Chocolate chips, only... Peanut Butter...

~I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue ;)

~I think everything needs an explanation, so sorry if I overreact over nothing.

~My best friend lives 2000 miles away from me. In Canada. Her name's Jill, and she's my wittle boo bear :) she just made an account on here, @freefallinglove she's amazing, go fan her.

~If anyone needs to talk, I'd be happy to listen, and I'll try to help :)

~I love bright colors, not a fan of dark colors, they're depressing.

~I think I might be slightly allergic to Peanuts... O.o Which sucks, cuz I love Peanut Butter and stuff... :/

~When I shop, I hate trying things on. Just grab and buy. Done.

~I like smilies :)

~I get distracted easily

~I change this thing a lot, so if you come back tomorrow, it'll probably be different.

So yeah... Talk to me if you want to have a random conversation :) And fan me. Cuz I'll make your life better..With Friendship!!! :D...and money.
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