LOL Hi, I'm RoseHazuki (As you can see.... duh) but Rose for short is better.
I've been writing my own stories for ages and thanks to a certain friend of mine, she says I should post some things on Wattpad and now I'm enjoying writing in this genius of a website.
I love anime. One of my favourite things in the entire world. It is damn awesome. Maybe I will have a fan fiction book but I'm still thinking.
I also loooove Revenge. One of the only TV shows that I watch. I always wait for each episode and always get excited whenever it comes on. (Btw, Joshua Bowman is amazingly good looking. Just saying)
I've started writing my own Revenge fanfiction, so please read it and let me know what you think.

Thank you to all who follow me and who support me. :D With people like you, I am encouraged to keep writing. Thank you~ :D :D :D
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Description: At the age of eighteen, Amanda Clarke abandoned her name to become a new person, Emily Thorne, to take revenge for her father that died for a crime he didn't commit. In order to achieve this, Emily entered training with Satoshi Takeda, a man well tr...

Hello fellow Watter's...Wattpadders.....writers.... whatever suits 
      I am currently in the middle of my final exams and the sudden thought of wattpad has crossed my mind and I just wanted to let u guys know whats the upcoming plans 
      So, apparently, u guys really like my revenge fan fiction O_O thank you so much! and I am really sorry that I haven't really been updating at all.... exams are tough and I'm still deciding which path I want this fan fiction to go, so it's taking a while :( Im sorry! But once my exams are finished and I get this huge study break, I intend to continue with this fan fiction so please wait for me :) 
      I also plan to start up a new one though this one is a little bit more complicated than that ;) 
      Just to help clarify, I am an Asian and hence, I love watching some of the classic and awesome Asian dramas 
      And I recently rediscovered one that I LOVED with a FIERY PASSION when I was a younger (Just a couple of years ago) and rewatching it has rekindled me to write a fan fiction for it as well >:D 
      If anyone knows it, it is called K.O3anGuo, where it is based on some things... of the Three Kingdoms (Chinese history and such) 
      And I really really do adore this drama and hence, I am very much determined to write a fan fiction for it >:) 
      Please wait for me guys :) I am nearly there! I will try my hardest once my exams are over!
      This has been RoseHazuki and I'm out.