I hardly write anymore. I have PLENTY of ideas, I can just never write them up.

Just for those who wonder about my stories, I UPDATE LIKE A TURTLE. Srs I get writers block 99% of the year, so if you stumble upon my stories, you better go find some others to read in the mean time. My grammar is also terrible, but I hope the plot makes up for it.

I DO however read a bunch. Any fantasy/romance that's unique, I'll read that shit like no tomorrow. So if you have some suggestions for me, fire away.


Likes: drawing, reading, singing, gaming, youtube gamers, tumblr, sleep, frappes, bacon, cats, manga, anime, autumn
Dislikes: douches, loud people, know-it-alls, people in general, small children, spiders, rain, small towns, thunder storms


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Story Ideas For A Simple-Minded Procrastinator

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Description: Just some story ideas I'll get from time-to-time, or little pieces of an idea I come up with. This is my way of jotting them down and maybe-possibly-never doing anything with them. Feel free to use these to get inspired. :)