(I just noticed that my profile picture is censoring a Thorki moment.)
Hello, here I am, my name is Tasha! That's just a screen name because I'm not allowed to give out my real one, but I've got an unhealthy Natasha Romanoff obsession, sooo....
I like reading, drawing, writing, and singing... although I suck at the latter three...
ANYway, I'm here on this magical website because I'm a huge fangirl! I've got too many fandoms to list, but I love RWBY, anime in general, Harry Potter, the Avengers (MCU nerd, although I haven't really read the comics which I feel bad about) the Lunar Chronicles, the Mortal Instruments, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly (Joss Whedon in general)
Okay, that was pretty much all my major fandoms. I'm not even going to TRY to list my ships, but they're all gay. As am I. So no judging. This is an utterly no judging place.
Ah, screw it. Major ones are Stony, Stucky, Tillow, Malec, (Don't know the ship name for Simon and Raphael) (I have no idea what Cinder x Winter or Scarlet x Winter is but that's for the Lunar Chronicles, not RWBY) Bumbleby, Nuts n Dolts, Emberald, and... many many more that I don't wish to speak of. (Cough Thorki cough) Plus Clintasha, which is why my username is what it is. That's my one straight ship *facepalm*
Thanks for showing up at my page and reading through it! :)
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Story by Tasha!!
Avengers One-Shots! by Romanoff-Barton
Avengers One-Shots!
Exactly what the title says! Includes Stony, Stucky, Clintasha, Platonic Clintasha, Thorki, and probably some...