Love to write romance fiction? Want to get your story out there? Looking for a contest to help you publicise your work- or even just a reading list? Then look no longer!

We're looking for the best up-and-coming books to add to our reading lists- which promote all kinds of romance books! If you'd like your book to be added, simply ask! We don't 'take' reading requests, but if you enter our contest, we'll read your book!

RomanceContests will host a quarterly competition, starting mid-August 2016. There will be fantastic virtual prizes to be won, along with a free critique of every story submitted.

We also follow back everyone who follows us, so be sure to click that Follow button!

So what are you waiting for? Read the story 'Romance Contests' by us to find out more about this upcoming contest!

~The RomanceContests Team

(here's a secret- we're not an official team, just a few friends who love to read and write- and also follow back! don't hesitate to ask! xx)
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