It's a cover-off! 
          	ECW Press has three very different designs, one of which will soon be the new cover for Dead Politician Society. They're looking for community input to help them decide which one.
          	Come on over to Wattpad's Facebook page and vote on which of these three new cover designs you like best. 


I could not put down Dead Politician Society! What a beautifully written book, the plot has depth, your characters are intricate and complex, and I love your style of writing. I'm looking forward to reading more of Clare in the next books in the series! Despite the snow today, I'll definitely be heading to Barnes and Noble :)


Hey Robin!
          I just want to say that  I really liked your story, Dead Politician Society, and the way you wrote about the protagonist's point of view. The plot is quirky and fun, too!
          Anyway, I also want to ask if you could give me feedback on my book, as well. I haven't finished it yet but I would just like to know what you'd think about my writing on my character's POV and way of thinking. Here's the link:
          Thank you in advance! And I do hope you write some more!


I just read your book Dead Politician Society and loved it! I posted a review about it on my blog, and you can see it using this link:
          Can't wait to read Death Plays Poker and Death's Last Run!!!


@OtterWriter Hey I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I like your review style. (And your taste in books!) Thanks for sharing the link.


Most of my time is spent slogging through the haphazardly scribbled sort of novels that are missing that "something"...well, your novel's definitely got it (and "it"!), so I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to read a story and genuinely enjoy the act of reading. Brilliant stuff; I love it! (Dead Politician Society) :-)


@MirynLee Hey thanks. That's high praise. I'm glad you're enjoying the story.