Born: New Zealand 1938,  spent my early years on a sheep farm in the Waikato. Attended the University of Auckland and The University of California, Santa Barbara where I studied marine biology and population ecology respectively. Went on to teach experimental field ecology at The University of British Columbia from whence I strayed into environmental activism. During the course of my scientific career published widely in technical journals across the fields of ecology, environmental assessment, global warming as well as a number of articles dealing with the theory and practice of environmental activism. I eventually joined UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) spending fourteen years in the Jakarta Office before retiring as a Director of The International Oceanographic Commission (IOC) in 1999. Have an extremely well-founded understanding of the relationship between science and social practice having also spent time with The State of Michigan Toxic Substances Control Commission where he designed and implemented clean-up procedures applied by the state in controlling instances of toxic substance contamination in the environment.
My foray into the area of self-analysis and subsequent projection into the profound provoked a complete reversal of my previously solid view of external physicality now finding complete agreement with Sri Ramana in observing “That the world and the mind arise as one but of the two the world depends on the mind alone the only reality being that in which this inseparable pair have their rising and setting – The One Self Alone”.
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Beyond Meditation: The Reality That Is

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Description: Beyond Meditation The Reality That Is Knots of the heart There is problem posed by the assertion that we are not the authors of our own lives, our own destinies, our own perceived circumstances for if not us...


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