Hallo. I'm Riverbed, or River. 


•Percy Jackson
•Miraculous Ladybug


•Good Wattpad stories
•Ice cream
•My phone
•Annoying people when I feel like it
•My computer
(Just saying, I also like it if you spam me with lots of votes. But not to much that my computer or phone overloads and crashes into oblivion.)


•Having to get up at 5 in the morning EVERY day

My Long Wall of Favorite Quotes And Stuff (will add more):

"I've seen the world upside-down and backwards. Have you?"

"If I had to sum up my existence with one word it would be this: mine."

"You wanna start the journey? Then put your leg out and take a step to do it."

"You're always worth something, no matter how small."

"Suck up your suckiness and turn it around to not make it sucky."

"There's always that one thing in this world you don't know. That's what makes it so mysterious."

"It all depends on the type of person."

"What makes this world worth saving? Well, if we didn't save it, then there wouldn't be one to save."

"Just think of one thing in your mind, then don't tell anyone. There. You have your own secret."

"We stuff stuff in stuff, we do stuff, we're made of stuff. We all have stuff."

"Hello fangirl, I'm the fourth wall."

"I like crappy puns. As far as I'm concerned, they're puns about crap."

"When life gives you shit, hope it comes with PooPourri©."

"Dear DC-Verse, which one is Batman again? It's been so long since he stayed the same."

I am also weird, quirky, girl with an odd sense of humor. I love it when people comment (read: NICELY) on my book, because it makes my day. So my maybe future readers, please read, vote, comment, and maybe even follow!

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