YOOOO okay so that last bio was cringe 🤣
I go by Dawn pretty much everywhere sorry for not updating anything I have literally no motivation what So ever and I mostly like using Ao3 though of course I'll be posting here and my fanfiction.net other than that that's all
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Stories by Dawn Farnsworth
Kenji New Info by RisingDawn66
Kenji New Info
this is new information I came up with explaining their hero names and their quirk along with the Facility th...
Dark Link x Link by RisingDawn66
Dark Link x Link
Link goes into the Water Temple mini boss room and doesn't expect what happens next Dark themes so warning if...
My Hero Academia: New Student Kenji Akiyama by RisingDawn66
My Hero Academia: New Student Kenj...
This is a story for my Oc I made named Kenji Akiyama I don't mind if the reader puts themselves in his place...