Full time fangirl. Full time procastinator. Reads a lot and I am what you called a book worm.

Fickle minded
A weirdo
Book sniffer
One of the boys
Bitch-er than you

A girl with a halo above the head and a pitch fork in hand.

I made a lot of Horcruxes and they're in every corner of my brain.

I write because a guy broke my heart. I'm using this shattered pieces of my heart as pen and blood as ink.


Keep on writing. You got what it takes.
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RiotousBelle RiotousBelle Mar 28, 2014 02:17PM
@summerdaisies I love youuuuuur stories Summer! Hoping to see youuuuu sooooooon (:
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Love Song

Social data: 326 reads. 12 votes. 12 comments.

Description: [I made a promise to myself that I will only make a love song for the person I love. And who loves me back.]

1 Parts - Completed

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3 Seconds, 3 Words [HIATUS]

3 Seconds, 3 Words [HIATUS]

4.3K 162 137

[One, two, three .. In just 3 seconds, I fell in love.]

Sweet as Heaven, Hot as Hell

Sweet as Heaven, Hot as Hell

1.2K 33 17

[A story about friendship, second chances, revenge, and of course, love itself.]

To The One Who Walked Away

To The One Who Walked Away

116 5 3

[A letter to the one who walked away.]


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