Heyy guys! If you're reading this, I assume that you're interested in me? ;) Ahahah jk! ✌Feel free to contact me either by leaving a message or pm is fine too! :)) Don't worry, I wouldn't bite! xD

『 Readers are not sheep, and not every pen tempts them. 』ー Vladimir Nabokov

『 I am not short,I just live in a big world. 』ーエドワード・エルリック

『 Books are a uniquely portable magic. 』ーStephen King

『 The past is an experience. The present is an experiment. The future is an expectation. Use your experience in your experiment to achieve your expectation. 』ーUnknown

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➳ Kuroko No Basket❀ ﴾One-Shot﴿ «01/06/2015»

➳ «Ephemeral✡» One-shots «1/11/2015»/«8/2/2016»

➳ ❢ M y ★ S t o r y ❢ «26/02/2016»

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RinLovesFood RinLovesFood Nov 12, 2017 12:37PM
hello! this message is to tell you guys that I wouldn't be updating any of my books until December! I'm currently working part-time which has different shifts. for next week I'll mostly work night s...
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Stories by オタクシャン♪
Kuroko No Basket❀ ﴾One-Shot﴿ by RinLovesFood
Kuroko No Basket❀ ﴾One-Shot﴿ Fanfiction
☠In the process of editing! ღEvery Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours, Is My Favoriteღ ✍Every Chapter Is A Love Journey Between You And Your KnB Partner. What Are The Challengers Both Of You Will Be Facing? This Is...
❢ M y ★ S t o r y ❢ by RinLovesFood
❢ M y ★ S t o r y ❢ Random
for this book, updates will be random! this book is mainly about personal updates, rants, opinions, information about the new book, things I'm Working On, Etc. ❝ some hearts understand each other, even in silenc...
«Ephemeral✡» One-shots by RinLovesFood
«Ephemeral✡» One-shots Romance
✁Love Is Like Falling Down, In The End, You're Hurt, Scarred, With A Memory Of It Forever.✁ ✒Will Our Love Last? Ephemeral Means Lasting For A Very Short Time. So, Does the Word ❝Ephemeral❞ Define Our Love Journey...