Hi there! My Name is Rik. I'm 25 years old and I live in Germany.
Since my early youth I played "Menschen", which is German for "People/Humans".
It's a role play game, me and a friend play outside. Many stories and characters rose from these role plays and I hope I can write down and publish some of them here.
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Stories by Rik_Thunder
Mr. K - Season 1 by Rik_Thunder
Mr. K - Season 1 Mystery / Thriller
It is a story which is directily taken from my fantasy multiverse. I tried to make a mystery/thriller in combination with sci-fi and fantasy story. The story begins with one of our protagonists, Julian Clemens, a r...
Mr. K - Season 2 by Rik_Thunder
Mr. K - Season 2 Mystery / Thriller
This is the second part of the Mr K story. This time we will focus on annother character with a set of unusual powers and ambitions. It is a prequal to the first season.
Mr. K - Season 3 by Rik_Thunder
Mr. K - Season 3 Mystery / Thriller
The continuation of the mystery thriller "Mr. K". This time, we take the angle of the new assigned Sergeant of the Thunder Army, Mark Holes. Here we uncover what was actually happening in Dominion City.