"Don't Just Read It, Imagine It."


About me? Well..

I'm Asian.

Yes, I'm a ninja. Awesome, right?
Jackie Chan is my master. U jelly? ;D
I once made Chuck Norris cry.
My best camouflage is hiding in Chinatown.
I'm partially deaf, but I can't sign. (Learning)

Lastly, I hate dishonest people. If you don't like me, say so. I won't bother you. Geez.

Call me Riri ;) Gotta warn you. I'm annoyingly lovable and awesome.
If awesexy could kill, everyone would be dead by now. Jawks.
I try to be xD


Contact details for U, stalker ;)

Email: Rielapollie@ymail.com - Send me a message w/ your wattpad name.

Add me on Facebook :D : http://www.facebook.com/rielapollie
Like my Facebook page! : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Riela-
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Check out my website! : http://rielapolliebooks.webs.com
My new book trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr9QXufIO3Q

Pop up on a chat and let's talk about shizz.
You never know how much we have in common ;D















And anyone who walks and talks and emits awesomeness.
Animals counts.
Wattpad sloots and manhoes don't, unfortunately. :(

If I had to choose between these people and reading. I'd choose reading.. and napping.
I'm anti-social and don't hold convos sometimes. :(
All my works under 'My Works' are copyrighted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 Blah Blah Blah Blaahhh. Any infringement of this copyright is punishable by law.
Copyright © 2010 Riela Pollie.

LikeABoss ;)

I would like to thank my fans, my friends and my family for making me come this far. I would like to thank all of those who supported me after all this time. I really appreciate it :') <3
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Riela_pollie Riela_pollie Sep 20, 2013 07:57AM
Holla, peeps! Anyone from Birmingham, UK?! Just started Uni there and will be staying for 2-3 years!! I met a faithful fellow wattpader by chance! Hahaha!
            Also, sorry for the wait! The L/H 3 Chapter...
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