Current writing plans:
          	Finishing EE (Eliminating Ethan) as I continue to write MM (Make Me), finishing BTI (Before The Ink) and MM, then writing the sequels to both EE and TBI (Together By Ink).
          	This might take a few years, but this is the plan I have so far ^.^


@Tiggermazz I'm winging a couple of them, but for the majority the plans are set c: Can't wait to finish all four books to the HH & EE series however.


@RichieMonster I honestly am Excited to see that you plan to continue these lovely stories. I am honestly way excited, i am literally on the edge of my seat. Cant wait to see how the stories wrap up and there sequels Lol. sorry im a bit weird.:)


Can't access the private chapters I feel like I'm missing out and I'm kinda loosing the flow of the story


i can’t access any locked chapters and i’ve followed and did all the steps necessary://


Hey I just read two of your books. They were really good. I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort. I enjoyed reading about Ethan it was quite a roller coaster of emotions but you did a really good job.