I am a 16 year old studying nursing at my vocational school. I spend my time swimming,  babysitting, reading, and writing. I am obsessed with Richelle Mead and Avril Lavigne. I have no time on my hands during school months, but summer time is a little easier. When I write I have a hard time sticking to a story,  so I will need a ton if encouragement. I also make it up on the spot,  I know small details and work from there so your ideas are always welcome as well. I just ask that you please be patient with me in anything I do. I'm a lot of fun, very sarcastic, and still a teenager, but not your typical teenager. I'm very dramatic, foul mouthed, but I have a heart of gold, very naive, and I crave all knowledge I can cram inside my brain. My hopes are to work at a nursing home while I go to a community college to be a teacher. I know nothing else of what I wantdoes?  I'm very happy with how my life has turned out so far and hope it stays that way. I am also obsessed with P!no and a bunch of other artists.
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