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Sorry, HIM book is on hold until editing is resolved. Thanks for understanding. [Edit Update: The first 300 pages is finished!]

Making horror awesome!

Penname is ℛichard Staschy.

My writing is warped and wrack. I take much joy writing outside the box because I want to impress the reader. I write Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Thrillers… and sometimes I’ll mix them in the blender for fun.


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Description: Mystery, Psycho-Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Zombies and the Kitchen Sink! This story takes place 30-years-after the zombie apocalypse! A serial killer during the pre-zombie apocalypse is loose in the city. HE’S kidnapping woman...

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Kiss My Silver Bullet: Must Kill Simon Cowell

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@kendale2003 thanks. He's started off cautiously, he didnt want to make changes that would offend me. I kept telling him the book is always open for changes as long as the changes make the story better.  
      He sort of broke down and rewrote the scene where HIM (the boy) stuffed HIS father's head in the microwave. My editor couldnt wrap his head on the idea of the electric cord giving power inside the microwave. So he rewrote that part - and it was very good (it was almost be something I would had wrote if I had a deeper thought on electric cords and mircowave)
      Then he asked me to add something to the part when HIM kills his girlfriend in the hotel (he sort of believed that the serial killer would reanimate the girl) and I ended up adding 7 more pages to that chapter. 
      Then we attack some of the troubling paragraphs and I think turned a few 3 line paragraphs into a page to 3 pages of material. 
      I was sort of hoping to snip a few pages off the book but we been adding more pages to the book... 
      anyway I'm so excited to see your review on the story :)

Thanks. You are so right!
      lol... I do remember that, that smackdown round was the most difficult because a good number of writers dropped out.  But it didnt bother me because I was having way too much fun putting this story together (I love playing with monsters).
      I wonder if I need to post a warning on summary for other readers realized it's not supposed to be taken seriously.

Thanks :)
      The flow of the story is still the same. The grammar is a little clearer and some of those typo's were blasted out of the water. The really interesting part was the first line.  O.Ken, thought something was missing with it and we played with it for a few days. then one day, it came to him in a shower (it's funny but he seemed to be brainstorming good ideas from the shower). Then he came up with the opening paragraph. Which I do like. 
      O.Ken told me he didnt like the name of the first chapter "the beginning" and I just happen to watch the movie Twins (with my Daughter) and thought of that silly line Danny Devito was saying to his girlfriend "I only have eyes for you" and we came up with 'He only has eyes for you'