Thank You for visiting my page and looking at all of my stories. I am not a writer. I dabble in the art of writting. I have other plans in my life besides becoming an author. But I love to write and I write for me because it makes me happy. I also love to read so if you have any suggestions or would like me to read your stories just send me a private message and I would be happy to get to it when I can. 
Fun Facts:
I used to be in the Air Force. I worked in Ammo. For those of you who don't know what that means: I built bombs.
I have a little terrier mix named Durin. If you can tell me where that came from you will get a cookie. If you can tell me what that means you will get two cookies!
I have a ball python named Ace who is my guard snake. He is a very good snake and is very lovable.
I have a fish named FBRRN and I forgot what that stands for so don't ask. He's moody and planning world domination.
Yes I am trying to build a small Zoo in my apartment.
Most of what I have posted so far was posted over 3 years ago. My writing style has changed. So don't be surprised if you read something and go "that is not anything like what I've read before." I've seen some sh!t. I've grown up a lot. I am not the same person I was three years ago, so don't expect my stories to be the same as they were three years ago. I am human I am ever evolving.
I've been having a very difficult time writing lately so I am going through and changing A LOT of stuff in my editing process. Before my stories were unedited because I would just spit them out and post them. They were like my little babies . In my brain they were perfect even with all the spelling and grammar issues. Now that I have some perspective I am going through and editing them.
While reading keep in mind that I know what I'm doing if something seems incorrect for impossible (ie Eli's color blindness) realize I probably have an explanation. My character have layers.
Pi is awesome!
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Description: This is the sequal to I Spy With My Little Eye. Sort of. After Eli and Grace went into hiding, Isaia (Izzi) and Levi (Dick) have been sent on a mission to shut down all of Loco's opporating areas. But with Izzi constantly picking up and leaving wi...

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So I absolutely loved this! I actually growled at my roommate for interrupting me while reading. And I'm not talking like a cute little grrr either I'm talking that growl that comes from your throat that is accompanied by a snarl. I'm pretty sure he thought I was going to bite him. 
      I really enjoyed the characters. They were really well rounded and had a lot of different layers. I will admit that while he was never described this way I couldn't help but think of Inigo Montoya from "The Princess Bride" when you first introduced Pedro. 
      You really brought all the different ties of the story together and I really appreciate that. But I also appreciate that you left some things hanging (cough cough Will) so that the story can continue. I look forward to ready future works!

Not super sure when the next chapter will be but hopefully soon. Getting back into the swing of writing again has been difficult. Iz isn't huge on a lot of relationshipy things. She's weird that way. Each character has their quirks. I did realize I changed tenses a lot in this chapter. But I'm super happy you liked it! It's great motivation!

He might be... I think that was his original age in eye spy buuuut this is a couple years. They've been working together for a while. I couldn't make it right after eye spy I had to wait a few years, as Izzy was only 17 in eye spy, cam was only 15. I needed them to be a legal age. Izzy was close, like her birthday was 2 months away. But still I needed it to make sense for Cammi too because she gets a story too. I like having my characters being adults because I like to think that, while they are still young, they  can be together forever. As hard as it is to admit most people who date in high school aren't going to end up together.
New chapter of Catch me if you can up! So check it out my lovelies! Also if you would be so kind as to check out my new story called The Wayled. It's serious and not that funny but I'm enjoying writing it! But I hope you like this chapter of Catch me as it only took me like 6 months to post. I've had it half written for a while now. But check it out and as always comment or vote if you liked it! (please comment. I know it's effort and that sucks but I love comments because I love to see your reactions). 
      Pi is awesome.

Check out Catch me if you can. It's about Izzy and Levi. It's not finished yet but it will tell you more about them. It's a bit rough around the edges right now but I will start writing it again. But Izzy isn't one to show her feelings. Romance for Izzy is a little difference than most people. She tends to make it more like a business contract. She was happy that he was safe.

The name will tie in later. I changed it so Brayden owns a cupcake shop. This story involves a lot of yelling as I was writing it so I can't write it without my best friend.  It's honestly why it's so long and hasn't made any sort of point yet. I'm really happy you like it though! I just don't want to give away a bunch of stuff than happens to tie the name in.