I'm a girl who rambles a lot without knowing it. 

1.I have short temper.
2. I have weird mood swings.
3. I hate it when people insult people who don't deserve it.
4. I hate it when you mess with my food, especially chocolate. BACK OFF !!!
5. I really don't like it when people insult One Direction.
6. I most absolutely HATE it when people mess with my works.
7. I can be a tad bit rude when I'm mad. (Nothing personal)
8. DON'T JUDGE ME FOR WHO I AM! 'Cause I'm NOT changing myself for someone.

Friendly facts:
1. I am a proud DIRECTIONER having a crazy obsession with Zayn. (NOT ANYMORE)
2, I love chocolate.
3. My favourite colour is royal blue.
4. I love cats, carrots, turtles, mirrors, nandos, and many more which I'm sure you MIGHT know. ( NOT ANYMORE -except the carrots mirrors and well.. everything- but not for the same reason)
5. I love myself :3(not really)
6. I am scared of any sea creatures...okay, not any but most of them.
7. I think penguins are adorable. Especially the ones from Madagascar. :D

"Sometimes doing the wrong is the right thing to do."

gayfor1dlittlemix is my best wattpad buddy
Eema_jm is my best real life buddy
And anyone who reads this might be someone I'd like to get to know better :)

And if you want me to read, comment, vote and fan you, don't hesitate to ask. But please read mine too. :)

Oh an umm...I was wondering. No. Never mind! Wait! I'll tell you!
Um.......fan me please?? ( `-`) (._. ) (°-°) ( ._.) ( '-')
Sheesh... Bye!
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