Hello my little love bugs  :)

I am Cece, Cupid's lovely little assistant. Yeah, you got that right, I KNOW him!

So, when I say that who we all call Cupid, is just a lazy assed, chubby little dude that was spoiled with dangerous weapons since birth, I know what I'm talking about.

Oh, and he's not really blind. No, he just sleeps A LOT.

And boy does he cry. No wonder I always have dark circles under my eyes in the morning.

Well I think all this love drama is a little too much for the little diaper guy with the bow and arrow (which is extremely dangerous By The Way) to handle, so that's what I'm here for!

Got something you wanna ask Cupid? Or wanna complain about the chubby little guy? Dont worry, just send me a PM or an email.




Anyway, I'll be going now, arrow boy needs a change of diaper :S

AGAIN. (yuck)

Bye my lovies!
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