Right, so if you are looking at this page, you are either A) a stalker, or B) Looking for updates of my stories. If you have any common sense, then you will realize RhapsodyOfTheLost and Update aren't seen in any sentence. Well, that often. And with the IB exams coming up, I'm definitely going to be busy... So, enjoy a little poem!
Roses are red,
Violets are purple.
What rhymes with orange?
Well, the word sporange!
Sporange is an actual word. It is the less well known version of sporangium. It's a structure which produces spores. The more you know!
I'm really just procrastinating as I write this. Instead of updating a story, or reviewing for my exams. I'm already accepted into my dream University. So we can deduce that I am an awfully lazy person who prefers to avoid work. While we're at it, let's contemplate the meaning of life.
How is it we know we are alive? Is it because of our senses? Can we not manipulate others through hypnosis and specially created machines which stimulate the human brain into thinking its in variously different situations? And what is life anyway? Is it the ability to eat, sleep, and in other words function? Yet we seem to look over what life exactly is. Do you live? Do I? How am I to know you exist, and you to know that I do? Is to be alive the ability to think? How can we tell if we think? Unless you have the ability to read minds, you will never know. Maybe I'm just asleep, and everyone of you is just figments of my mind, created to assume a part in some plot line we call life. I know I exist, though if we are questioning life, or rather existence, than I need to prove it. Sadly, how does one prove they think, and are not just some thought up being? How can I know if you live? What is it that compels my mind to create you, if I am the only real person? What is the purpose of this all? Am I asleep and dreaming? Is death merely waking up from a long dream? Are our dreams other lives we live? An endless chain?
Or am I in the Matrix?
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@RaeKitano I know! It's like good looking toes are a recessive gene. But in my short life, I have seen some very beautiful toes.
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