Hi! Hello! As you can see and read on top, I'm Reynato Estoce Alberto II but you can call me Rey or whatever you want. 

17 years of existence in this beautiful world.
Lives in Cebu City, the Queen City of South.
Youth for Christ.
I love God.

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That's my rule in my career here on wattpad! So whatever stories I've wrote on this site, it's all about my feelings in one aspect. such as family, friends and of course LOVE.

And I am proud to say that all of my stories here are all UNIQUE! Conceptualize by my imaginative and creative mind. So I hope you'll do like it.

And some stories here in my account are written in "screeplay." (as of now : Mapagkunwari, Destiny and Star Series) But I do write stories that expresses the main character's feelings. (such as POV)

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COMMENT: for me to know your reactions and feelings about the stories :)

VOTES: as a writer I write to share my talent, so to inspire me and make me feel good, I need your support by voting and liking my stories :)


FOLLOW: if you like me, then why not? let's mingle with each other.

The only time I can't update is when I'm busy in school or I have another business that needs to be done first.

Thanks :***
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ReynatoEstoceAlberto ReynatoEstoceAlberto May 18, 2015 04:30PM
Kasalanan Ba Ang Magmahal (in POV) hope y'all read it
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Kasalanan Ba Ang Magmahal?

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Description: A story of pretensions. A story of hearthaches. A story of acceptance. A story of understanding. A story that gives everyone a chance to love and to be loved. A story to who's in love and who's in break. ...


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