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I'm not dead, or run off with War >.> though that sounds appealing. -coughs-  I'm am sorry (yes that's getting old) I was moving, buying a new place to live and dealing with all the shit that comes with becoming an adult. -waves streams while glaring- e.e/ oh life.  For those of you wanting more of DB....its coming. For those who want IM.....that's second on my list. For any other I am not deleting it, I just can't think of anything right now to write for that instead of just anything I'm putting it on hold. T^T hate me all you like. That's final.


@RevyRogue hope you get back to writing soon cause IM is awesome lol


@RevyRogue all understandable! Life's curves,  ups and down, and distractions happpen. Been there myself, lol. Will be waiting for your return! Good luck hun and have a good one.  :)


i love you works sooooooooooo much... hope you would finish it all..:-P 


Hi! My friend and I have been writing a book and we’d love it if we had people come read and tell us what you think! (Nicely of course) But it would be great if we had some new readers, so come stop by! Thanks J&K ❤️


Dear author, are you still going to update innocent midnight? It's a really good book but it's been awhile since it was last updated 


HADAR was such a beautiful story....heart warming one.....but make a sequel to it'll give us more jackson n fina moments...anyways tysm for this story :-) :-)


I know you havent been around for a few years but please continue writing. If u get this we all love your stories and we hope to see u again. 


Hello everyone I’m a new user to Wattpad and have started creating a story of my own!! I’m having trouble getting viewers! Please check it out Withstanding Wyatt it’s a working progress. I would love feedback from fellow writers!! Thank you so much! 


I'm like in serious shock I've been waiting like forever to release my book with this name it was so unique but you beat me too good job love your cover


I love your writing style, its very mature,  I wish you tried your writing at humour,  with your current skills it will be a cracker of a book. 


I just wanted to say that your writing is so good. Wolf talker and wolf talker 2 were amazing. There aren't really a lot of good werewolf books out there. But yours is so good. I didn't think I was going to like it if I'm being honest but I totally regret thinking that. I don't regret choosing to read this book. I hope you create more books. I love your writing and just wanted to say thank you as a reader. 

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