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I'm not dead, or run off with War >.> though that sounds appealing. -coughs-  I'm am sorry (yes that's getting old) I was moving, buying a new place to live and dealing with all the shit that comes with becoming an adult. -waves streams while glaring- e.e/ oh life.  For those of you wanting more of DB....its coming. For those who want IM.....that's second on my list. For any other I am not deleting it, I just can't think of anything right now to write for that instead of just anything I'm putting it on hold. T^T hate me all you like. That's final.


@RevyRogue hope you get back to writing soon cause IM is awesome lol


@RevyRogue all understandable! Life's curves,  ups and down, and distractions happpen. Been there myself, lol. Will be waiting for your return! Good luck hun and have a good one.  :)


i love you works sooooooooooo much... hope you would finish it all..:-P 


Just read Hader in a day and a half loved it couldn't put it down. Do you have an order for your books or are they all stand alone?


Hey, when or if you can/are could you write/ update bronze cavalry the description is really good and I think it would make an amazing story and from just reading hadar i think you'd do a really great job writing it :) 
          Of course only if you want to or it's suits you :) 

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