My name is Sindre Alexander, and I'm a boy - twenty years old. I spend my time working with music, hanging with friends, reading books and literature, and lastly I tend to enjoy myself with some exercising. I consider myself an outgoing, kind and sweet person. Who might be a bit too energetic at times, but most of the time I'm a blast to be around.

When I write. I write from impulses I get when I'm inspired, or just simply feel the need to write. I don't have any genres as a favorite - I just write and see how my story develops and what it has to offer. Anyhow, I would appreciate both good and constructive comments.

You could always send me a message - PS! I would love to co-operate, or have a writing pal who would let me read his or her story and give spelling tips, or just general constructive ideas, and the other way around.

~ Sindre Alexander Ellingsen
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Unexplored Reality

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Description: The assigning happens every day, every year. When you turn eighteen you'll have your assigning tests that tell you which of the five senses is your strongest sense. The assigning tests tell you what job you'll...

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