Okay...um...i don't really know what exactly to put here, but I suppose I should say something...
My real name is not really Rennnn (DUH)... It's Shelbi...with an i!
Yes, i am bi-sexual! :P
I <3 Music! It's what keeps me sane and living.
(Btw, Paramore is friggin' awesome)
I like to chat, so if u ever need someone to talk to, i am here...
umm...Thank You to Everybody who fans me, reads my stories, or comments on them! I <3 u!
Most people think i am weird or strange because of the way I act...i will admit, i am kinda unusual, but I would rather someone like me for who I am, not who im pretending to be...
Btw, I tell people that I <3 them all the time...That means i <3 u as a friend...Okay?
Almost half of my smiles are forced and fake...but I try...it's good 4 u!
I love to read all kinds of books. I also write a little bit. Reading is my entire life! If you have something that you want me to read, send me a message and I will read it and tell you what i think! ( i prefer books about vampires/warewolves). The only problem with my writing is that sometimes i get a block. Sometimes I cant think of anything to write and I am just stuck. Although, if anyone has any suggestions on something, I would be more than happy to write about it, but if I do use your suggestion, I will make sure that you get mentioned and highly praised for your help!
Okay,and... i just wanted 2 let yall know...if there is something u want me 2 read or help you with, or what ever, please just send me a private message, or post it on my wall, I do not want to see it on my stories!!!
So...I <3 u all...fan, comment, vote whatever, idk...

Oh, and...i have a facebook page...my user name is Renn Wattpadlover...i accept anyone that sends me a fb invite! :)

<3 Rennnn
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