Be strong enough to stand alone be yourself enough to stand apart but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes

Everybody isn't a genius But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree it will live it's whole life believing it is stupid

Its like once you've been hurt You're so scared to get attached again Like you have this fear that every person you start to like is going to break your heart

I'm tired of being invisible to everyone
I'm tired of everyone looking at me like I don't belong here
I'm tired of my 'friends' pushing me around
I'm tired of being called ugly
What I am really sick and tired of is my heart being broken by the people I trusted my life with
Everyday I put on a fake smile
But they don't know that I am about to break down
I stay strong and try to ignore the bullies
I am smiling on the outside
But on the inside
I am dying

"Mom, why do the best people die early"
"When you are in a garden, which flowers do you pick?"
"The most beautiful ones"

Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it the more it will elude you but if you turn you attention to other things it will come and softly sit on your shoulder

You might be wondering why I'm here I had a dream that you were gone I was checking on you because I can't imagine a world without you

Everything will be okay Maybe not today Maybe not tomorrow But it will be eventually

I find damaged people beautiful
I find scarred people intriguing
I find broken people inspiring
After all they've been through hell and they are still alive to tell us about it

He's not just a game player
He's a game changer
When I thought I was gone
He became a life saver

You're as gay as a drunk rainbow

People won't behave if they have nothing to lose

Because of you I laugh a little harder cry a little less and smile a lot more

"Don't let your kids near gay people or they'll turn gay"
"Guess I shouldn't bring them to Starbucks either they might turn into a fucking latte"

(Quotes Not Mine)
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