What use does screaming have
With no one there to hear?

What's the use of a fake smile
That lies directly below the tears?

Why do we try at all
If we know it will fall apart?

And why do we let people repair...
Our torn and tattered heart?

¤Rein & Zane¤
Codename: Butler
Age: 15 (Varies)
Looks: Check his book
Personality: Serious, Only acts playful with people he's comfortable with
Likes: His friends (Meaning Kara and ???), Cleaning, Anime, Chocolate
Dislikes: People who pry, Rude people, Messes
Family: Brothers- Other Reins
Sisters- That one genderbent Rein
(Sad I know)

Age: 17
Looks: Check his book
Personality: Acts cool and collected when trying to assess people, Taking on a more playful mood once he's able to get a good read of them
Likes: Reading, Chocolate, Cats, His box
Dislikes: Rude people, Loud/Crowded areas, Being deceived
Family: Brothers- Drazel, Yuko, Berehoth
Sisters- Yaki, Jay, Autumn, Yaki
Nieces- Yue
Nephews- Asterios

Group account with @The-Baka-Banana , my kouhai (Called @RabbitandKitten )

Group account with my other kouhai, @Cali_Graphy (Called @Determined_Duo , temporarily housed at @Sweater_Town )
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