HAAAI! i'm Reigenlief! :3 most people dont know how to pronounce this so i'll simplify it! say RAY-GEN-LEAF! and theere you go! XD

I am a hyperactive gamer who loves to talk to people. I like writing, it helps me relieve some of the stress in my life and i think its something everyone should do! i like how you can be yourself, create anyone you want, teach lessons in an amazing way. but yeeeah :L

I'm an avid anime lover! as you can tell by my stories >.>

Obsessed with walking dead <3

YEEEAH i try to explain who i am now! its gunna be hard cuz i've never done this buut...

*I'm 18 :>
*i hate being alone.
*my fave music artist's are Foxes, Ruby Frost, Lorde and Zowie
*I'm a christian
* my real name is David
*I live in New Zealand :D
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    Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan
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    4 years ago

Reigenlief Reigenlief a year ago
major writers block >__<;
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Hourglass Of Sairia

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Description: A story about four High-school students who are whisked away to the mysterious and enchanting world of Sairia. Enriched with vibrant settings and perilous creatures, will our four heroes be able to discover th...


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