Wattpad historical fiction added 'The Queen's King' to their reading list! I am literally squealing with happiness! Wohooo✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧
          	And do you read books other than the one on wattpad? I recently completed reading Wuthering heights and let me tell you it was hell of a ride.. it's a good classic to read on a rainy day  


@Reha_writes Congratulations❤❤


@Raagini2407 Thank you so much ❤


@paianjalir Thank you so much ❤




Hi guys ~ 
          Please check out my new story and also my first story ~♥️
          What will happen when a 21st century girl travels back in time and finds herself in Europe in 12th century ? What happen when she escaped her abusive fiance and ignorant father and travels back to India and finds herself in love with a Prince of Indian Empire ? What would the love story of these completely different people born in different timelines be like ? Will their love be able to make it or will it fade away with their struggles ? 
          So thankyou and please do check it out and upvote it .. or not it's upto you ☺️...
          I'll be in your care ~♥️
            Please read "THE BRIDE FROM THE WEST".


Hello dear
          Hope you are doing well. First of all I don't know whether you accept reading request or not as it is not mentioned on your profile.sorry for that if you don't accept reading request. But still I am telling you, you can try this book if you want. It means  a lot.
          Plss share this book if you like.
          Thank you