Hey guys! My name is Reg or Regan...ya..
I have two instagram accounts, my personel: johnreg19 and a Directioner account I co-own; iluvnialler_yeahbuddy. An i have a twittahhhhh!! johnreg So... Folloow me (: idk what genre of book i should write, leave me ideas plz (: Ya if you hate me or my weirdness just GTFO....LUV YA'LL
Ps: Luke Brooks is my husband :P
And Im feeding Kevin a croissaunt.
And i love you my gambling chickens
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Regjohn19 Regjohn19 Aug 20, 2012 07:45PM
Hhey guys! Please read my new book!
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If I Die, Just Know That I Love You

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Description: What if there was another Holocaust? What would you do? What if you where in it? * Seventeen year old Ollie has always known about the Holocaust during WWII, in fact, she's getting tired of people talking abou...


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