An middle-aged  newbie fan fic author, I am inspired by  Gerry Andersons U.F.O. I am working on 16 at various stages so far! Some are only just past being titles. 
I enjoy reading, Due south, Babylon5 and Startrek fan-fic.
I do enjoy other genres and have other hobbies too. Some require me to get out in the fresh air.
I'm not shy of saying so, have moderate dyspraxia so, I tend to make more typing errors and take longer to correct them plus I like to try and create any story so its just right and that my involve me changing my mind last minute about publishing it here due to wholesale revisions or major editing! So please be patient. I will try to keep you updated on story progress or not after each successful story post. Some are only to be found on shado library as that was a condition of posting them there but any not there first I hope to post here. I am currently working on sixteen stories all at different stages.
I am fairly new to the genre and where its available. (2015) I started to write based on an old 1986 story I had not finished and carried on from there. After exploring the web to find stories based on the series. fan fiction was an unexpected discovery. I had heard about it but had yet to discover it online. if I master how to post stories here I hope you enjoy them even if you are too young to have heard of U.F.O!
As long as any feedback is polite I'd appreciate knowing what you think whether Ufo is your thing to read or not. Either-way, I am happy to have friendly feedback :-)
I do have five stories on which is a solely U.F.O. fic site (not ufos in general) but U.F.O. ;S.H.A.D.O. and there are certainly many more experienced UFO fic authors than me but we are a small bunch. If you find you like U.F.O FIC possibly you might be inspired to add some here who knows. Thats my hope any way as we do need an influx of younger fans writing it for it to last. and who knows what the result will be?
Happy Reading.
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Story by Regina Calway
U.F.O. Behind the Façade: A Personal reflection by Commander Ed Straker. by ReginaCalway
U.F.O. Behind the Façade: A Person...
This is based on the 1970s TV series U.F.O By Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with a few new characters. it is set...
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