You say Go to Hell, I say Go kiss a Dementor!
You say football, I say quidditch!
You say You-Know-Who, I gasp and say Voldemort!
You say Mars, I saw Pigfarts!
You say paparazzi, I say Rita Skeeter!
You say childhood, I say Harry Potter!
You say depression, I say The dementors must be near. Here, have some chocolate!
You say Hitler, I say Voldemort!
You say School, I say Hogwarts!
You say, I'm going to kill you! I yell, Avada Kedavra!
You say, Long live the queen. I say, Long live J.K. Rowling!
You say bitch, I say, Butt Trumpet!
You say, My dog ate my homework. I say, Those bloody Nargles stole my homework again!
You say hot, I say supermegafoxyawesomehot!
You say epic, I say Harry Potter!
You say, I'm telling! I say, Wait till my father hears about this!
You say coke, I say butterbeer!
You say Kristen Stewart, I say Emma Watson!
You say Edward Cullen, I say Cedric Diggory!
You say Bella, I say Bellatrix!
You say prison, I say Azkaban!
You say socks, I cry and exclaim, Dobby!
You say OMG! I say Merlin's beard!
You say superpowers, I say magic!
You say car, I say broom/apparition/floo powder!
You say anything HP related, I drop what I'm doing and join the conversation!
You say Gandalf, I say Dumbledore!
You say rock/pop/country/rap, I say Wizard Rock!
You say love, I say Always!
You say death, I say the next great adventure!
You say contacts, I say glasses!
You say ginger, I say Weasley!
You say, I found it. I say, I'm a Hufflepuff. Of course I freakin' found it!
You say toad, I say Umbridge!
You say rich, I say Draco Malfoy!
You say know it all, I say Hermione Granger!
You say tattoo, I say lightning scar!
You say gun, I say wand!
You say seriously, I say Siriusly!
You say Fred, I break down in tears!
You say twins, I say Fred and George!
You say, Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I say, You must not tell lies!
You say life, I say Harry Potter!❤
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This is very important anyone know any real life physical books that are amazing, get your blood pumped, is long, and involves death or rather brutal murder of important characters (like stabs in the...
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