You say Go to Hell, I say Go kiss a Dementor!
You say football, I say quidditch!
You say You-Know-Who, I gasp and say Voldemort!
You say Mars, I saw Pigfarts!
You say paparazzi, I say Rita Skeeter!
You say childhood, I say Harry Potter!
You say depression, I say The dementors must be near. Here, have some chocolate!
You say Hitler, I say Voldemort!
You say School, I say Hogwarts!
You say, I'm going to kill you! I yell, Avada Kedavra!
You say, Long live the queen. I say, Long live J.K. Rowling!
You say bitch, I say, Butt Trumpet!
You say, My dog ate my homework. I say, Those bloody Nargles stole my homework again!
You say hot, I say supermegafoxyawesomehot!
You say epic, I say Harry Potter!
You say, I'm telling! I say, Wait till my father hears about this!
You say coke, I say butterbeer!
You say Kristen Stewart, I say Emma Watson!
You say Edward Cullen, I say Cedric Diggory!
You say Bella, I say Bellatrix!
You say prison, I say Azkaban!
You say socks, I cry and exclaim, Dobby!
You say OMG! I say Merlin's beard!
You say superpowers, I say magic!
You say car, I say broom/apparition/floo powder!
You say anything HP related, I drop what I'm doing and join the conversation!
You say Gandalf, I say Dumbledore!
You say rock/pop/country/rap, I say Wizard Rock!
You say love, I say Always!
You say death, I say the next great adventure!
You say contacts, I say glasses!
You say ginger, I say Weasley!
You say, I found it. I say, I'm a Hufflepuff. Of course I freakin' found it!
You say toad, I say Umbridge!
You say rich, I say Draco Malfoy!
You say know it all, I say Hermione Granger!
You say tattoo, I say lightning scar!
You say gun, I say wand!
You say seriously, I say Siriusly!
You say Fred, I break down in tears!
You say twins, I say Fred and George!
You say, Twilight is better than Harry Potter. I say, You must not tell lies!
You say life, I say Harry Potter!❤
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@sirius__black tell your book to stop bullying me because it won’t let me see the comments and now it won’t let me on, we gotta pick a different location
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