Oya oya how's it goin' y'all? ⊙▽⊙

It's Akame! The me in real life has to change and so do I, her "persona" which is a part of her. I found Jesus, by the way. I knew He was always there but I chose to live in sin. Now, I can't anymore. I need to follow His will, and I want to. And I know that He only wants the best for me.

For those who read my works, yes, I unpublished them. I needed to let go of them. I invested YEARS and poured my heart into them but I learned that others might get influenced by the genre (homosexuality) so I had to hide them from people, especially those who are still struggling. I don't want them to fall completely... like I did.

Sorry but I AM NOT SORRY for what I've done. I let go of things special to me for Him and for myself. I realized that I was wrong. I realized that I want to inherit His kingdom more than anything. The time I spent in those books can't even compare to the eternal life in heaven. I thought I was okay with being in hell, but no. I WANT to meet Him SO MUCH and praise Him and serve Him and always, ALWAYS stay by His side.

Anyway, I still like anime. Lol! It's not that I will stop reading yaoi completely but at least now I know that I can't get influenced by them again. Maybe I'll just read some fluffy ones, lol. And of course, I'll pray first before I read (for pure entertainment, not for supporting sin) so I won't fall into temptations again.

Thank you for reading up to this part! I hope that you find your journey back towards Him. Don't worry. Just be willing. He will help you. And yes. JESUS IS ALIVE! He has proved it to me again and again and again! If you want, you can message me and let's talk about faith! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

(The blood of Jesus has set me free!)

@meitantei_akame = I write journals there!

Galatians 5:1,16-21,25 (This is his personal message to me that made me let go and hold onto Him, instead. Confused? Message me! ≧ω≦)
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