Now, what to put on this profile... nothing? 
Eh, maybe a lil' bit of both.
Hello! I'm Red feathers, but I prefer to be called RedzinFeath. Sounds cooler.
😧 I'm a slob
😧pretty lazy
😮hella confused
🍦🍕sucker for all things edible
😭cried on my 11th birthday cause I didn't get accepted into hogwarts
🐶love puppies
📡can't live my life without YouTube
🏫school sucks
👗have an obsession with ballgowns
📖books are LIFE
👧very young
become famous
Become famous
Become...... famous
Buy everything I've ever wanted
Get a billion reads on wattpad

Fave quote: life sucks and then you die.

Well. That's all. See you in the atmosphere!

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