They gave me a gun
They said: shoot and run
So I grabbed the gun
And I ran
But did not shoot
For I could never
Shoot him.
~ Unknown
..._.-.___________ __________,
..../'--- __________ --- _________|]
.../_==O;;;;;;;;;;___ ________.:/
...), ---.(_(___) /
..// (..) ), ----
.// ____//
// _____/
Put this in your profile if you would take a bullet for someone you love.

Age: N/A

Gender: female

Sexual orientation: Straight Pansexual

Hobby: Swimming, and Drawing...sometimes drawing when I'm motivated.

Shipping orientation: Omniship

Fandoms: WoF, Marvel, Warrior Cats, OUAT, Bayonetta, Star Wars

Single or Taken: Currently Taken by a wonderful gamer guy named Ort.

Favorite Characters ever: Felicia Hardy, Carol Danvers, and Bayonetta

Favorite OC: Shapeshifter OC named RedWind

Pet: A Male Vitticeps Bearded Dragon named Indominus Rex.

OTP: N/A. Omniship denies the OTP in favor for all ships.

What kind of things do you read: I read anything from fantasy to smut, whether it be fanfiction or not. I'm also very critical about the stories I read.

Anything else: I can be harsh, but I mean no harm. If I make you sad or displeased, please see the phrase below.

PMs are appreciated.

@warriorcatssquad is my squad

Ao3 account:

Note: Account closed on 08/25/17. Moved permanently to Ao3.
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Alright, I'm doing this. I'm no longer going to be writing on Wattpad. It's a horrible site with a monopoly on what you can and how successful it can get. I'm moving to Ao3(link in bio) where I can w...
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