Our monthly award contests are back! Starting October 1st (tomorrow!) you can enter our October writing contest!
          	See all contest details in our entry book:
          	We can't wait!
          	~ The RedFeatherAward Committee


Congratulations to @WinterWolf14905 for winning the Red Feather Award Summer 2019 Writing Award with From Shattered Darkness!
          The prompts were:
          1. A broken key
          2. The smell of rain
          3. An old book
          From Shattered Darkness by Winter Wolf
          Thana, living on war-torn Earth, is pulled from her life and learns shocking secrets about herself and her family. Old questions are answered and new questions are asked when she meets the Universe and time in ticking for her to make an impossible decision.
          And here are the runners up!
          2nd place: GALSYR by @SanctuaryCrystal
          3rd place: Jumacao's Last Descendant by @eliyeda (Sue Rose Levy)
          Make sure to check out their wonderful stories as well, it was a tight race!
          Thank you to all who entered! Our judges had a wonderful time reading your stories and it was difficult to decide on a final winner. Again, congratulations to Winter Wolf!
           Again, congratulations to Winter Wolf!       
          ~ The RedFeatherAward Committee 
          (Stay tuned for our monthly writing contest that will continue in October!)


@RedFeatherAward thank you! And congrats to the other winners!! :)


3 days ago
          Author: @Sanctuary_Crystal
           Short Story Title: GALSYR. 
          Word Count: 24988
          1 Sentence Synopsis:  Arraya discovers how powerful writing a book can be, when she learns her characters have come to life, and their lives are in jeopardy, because of her.
          Did you follow the rules? Yes
          Hello I have not received any notification as to whether I was accepted or not. I noticed my Author name was incorrect. It should read SanctuaryCrystal without the _. I had entered on the 31/8. Thank you


The Summer 2019 Writing Contest is now closed and the entries have been submitted! Thank you to all who entered, our judges are so excited to start reading through your stories! 
          The month of September will be reserved for the judging and announcing of a winner before our monthly writings contests resume to October.
          We hope you all had a fantastic summer!
          ~ The RedFeatherAward Committee 


Here's what you've all been waiting for! *drum roll*
          We are so thrilled to announce our Summer 2019 Writing Contest!
          For the summer of 2019, the Red Feather Award is going to try something different! Instead of our monthly book contest, the months of May-August will be the time period for a single writing contest based on a prompt we provide.
          See the entry book for details! Good luck!


The winner for the April Red Feather Award is He Comes at Night by @FallonMcKay

          Congratulations to the author!
          Stay tuned, our next writing contest will be announced shortly, and thank you to all who participated in April!
          ~ The RedFeatherAward Committee


Thank you so much! 


Yay!!!  Great job!  
            Looking forward to the next contest!


All 200/200 spots for April have been filled! Thank you to all who entered, the judging is already underway and our judges are loving your stories. 
          On another note, thank you so much for 10k reads on our Red Feather Award entry book! This community has grown exponentially over the past few months and we couldn't be more grateful. 
          Stay tuned for a very special announcement at the end of April!
          Hint: get ready to break out your word processor again!
          ~ The RedFeatherAward Committee


@RedFeatherAward Finally!! :))) You poured alot of work in this award, you deserve more that 10k reads!!