I'm Sabrina. First off, my profile picture isn't and never will be of me. I feel uncomfortable displaying myself because of online predators.

I love singing and writing.
My favorite band is Motionless In White.
I can't stand country music and will listen to some pop, some rap, all kinds of rock, and all kinds of metal.
I'm going to form a band one day--hopefully during freshmen year of high school.
I'm a band promoter. I help make the fan bases of bands grow larger.
I've helped the band Farewell, My Love gain over thousands of fans. When they first started talking to me, they had 1,500+. When I started promoting them, they instantly gained another 5,000+.
Anyways, vote for my stories, become a fan of me, leave comments, and add my stories to your libraries. (:
My main idols and inspirations are Ricky Horror, Chris Motionless, Ronnie Radke, Alex Gaskarth, and Joel Faviere.
My favorite colors are any shade of blue, gray, violet (Purple), and black.
My favorite animal is the snow leopard.
Barnes & Nobles is the best book store ever.
The San Francisco Giants are the best baseball team ever.
The San Diego Chargers are the best football team ever.
I now have a habit of typing my hearts like "< #" now because of Farewell, My Love.
That's all there is to me for now.
Peace. (:
Talk to me sometime.
Favorite bands:
1) Motionless In White
2) I See Stars
3) A Skylit Drive
4) For The Fallen Dreams
5) We Came As Romans
6) The Devil Wears Prada

I am mostly on Quizazz. That's where i write all my stories. I have about...40 something stories on there. All my stories on here are being continued there.

Here's my Quizazz link: http://www.quizazz.com/RebelsOfTheCentury
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RebelsOfTheCentury RebelsOfTheCentury Apr 06, 2012 01:56AM
I don't know if this posted or not, but I suppose I'll just re-write what I had to tell everyone. Once again, as you all know, I will not be continuing my Andy Biersack series. The main reason being...
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