1.I'm, 16 years old, 5'2, and I like to make fun of how short I am. But if you make fun of my height, prepare to die.
2. I ride horses (obviously) and I compete in 3-Day Eventing. The horse in the Picture is mine and her name is Ria. She is an 5 year old Off The (race)Track Thoroughbred. She is the love of my life.
3. I don't know when to shut up and it gets me in trouble sometimes.
4. I don't back down easily and I will fight till my last breath over something I am passionate about which can also lead to getting myself in trouble.
5. I love most music except for Heavy Metal, Jazz, and Gospel.
6. Currently obsessed with Panic! At the Disco, 5SOS, FOB, and My Chemical Romance.
7. I like food... alot... ALOT. If you touch my food, I will not hesitate to destroy you.
8. Never been much of a chick-flick kind of person which is funny because I'm a sicker for romance books. Movie wise I'm more into comedy and Adventure/Thriller.
9. I plan on going to college for a radiology degree and then from there, becoming and ultrasound tech.
10. I actually hate texting and talking on a phone. I'm that one friend who will be in the middle of a convo with you over text and all of a sudden stop answering and won't answer again until the next day because I am tired of talking. Yes, I know, I'm a horrible person. But I'm not gonna change so love me or hate me.
11. I've been on wattpad now for over a year and am just now (08/27/2016) making a bio...
12. I'm from the south, so of course I own a gun.
13. I can be witty and clever sometimes but most of the time I just plain don't make sense.
14. If you've known me long enough you'll know that I am the most uncoordinated person on earth and I also suck at spelling.
15. I am fiercely protective over my family and friends.
16. I'm a total Marvel Geek
17. Proud Christian
18. I am just going to stop there because there's nothing more I can tell you about myself before it just becomes weird...

Be happy with yourself! #LOVE :)
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