Oh, Hi giant person! I'm Tikki! Ladybugs one and only Fabulous Kwami. 

❉ I am literally the size of an apple. That's normal! ❉

I WILL NOT STOP TILL HAWKMOTH IS DESTROYED! YOU HERE ME... You actually probably don't, I have the smallest mouth on earth I have to shout for it to sound like a whisper...

❉ I'm a Kwami, Not a rat bug! ❉

I live in a purse. Plagg lives in a Jacket. Lucky cat...

Humans scare me...

❉ I Believe I can fly, because As I a Kwami can brake the laws of Gravity! ❉

Plagg says his soulmate is cheese...

Marinette: @chatslady
Chat Noir:
Plagg: @PlaggReste

мιracυloυѕ! ѕιмply тнe вeѕт!

Only Marinette can touch Me (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Back off.

❉ Official Tikki ❉
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