To sum it all up, I am a girl who:

- Is a complete bookworm
- Loves Music
- Wants to get better at writing
- Believes everything happens for a reason
- Is waiting for the right boy
- Still hopes for that happily ever after

I made this account to be able to leave comments and keep everything I read on this website organized, but I'm planning on getting serious with it. I have a goal to write an entire book and have it become somewhat famous. Sure, I guess every writer on here has that same goal, but I'm pretty determined. I always get random story ideas and sometimes I begin to write them, but I can never finish. I just need to commit to the story and use my time wisely, I don't want to just start a story and post it on but never finish it. I'll try my best, and just watch, I may be talking to no one while writing this at the moment, but soon, many people will know and love my successful book. I hope. Well, as long as I believe I can, then I can.
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