Welcome to my bio, here we have food 🍔, smiles 😊 and peace 🌸.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Ray. I love emojis, books, dancing, drawing, and weird stuff. Nice to meet ya. 🌊

I like watching TV shows under a warm blanket cringing from second-hand embarrassment when the main character humiliates theirself or cooing when my favourite ship does something cute. 💕

My favourite colours are purple, baby/sky blue and aqua-green. Unnecessary facts but just in case you were wondering..... 👍

I love Food. Food is my best friend, Food and I have been through a lot together. I would marry Food if I could. That's how much Food means to me. 😳

I'm weird. 😐

I'm awkward, clumsy, shy and laugh at all the wrong moments. 😂

I was an innocent soul once..... 😇

Then I met Wattpad. 😈

I love books... alot. 📖

I believe in aliens. 😝

Did I mention I'm obsessed with onions and pickles? Am I the only one that loves that stuff? 😮

I'm weird. 😜

I actually find yoga comforting and stress relieving....then I attempt a very painful position, hurt myself, cry for 15 minutes and regret all my life decisions. 😴

I'm fluent in Sarcasm. 😑

I talk to myself sometimes. 😆

So my bio has come to an end. And as a reward for reading about the super, fantastic, amazing person I am.... you've earned food. What greater prize could there be?


Love ya lots. Byeeeeeeeeeee 🌊🌊 🌊
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