I Wanna Dance In The Dark With Death I Think I'm Not Normal... Who Cares... My Love For Creepy Dark Shit Is Over The Edge....

Where Has You Discovered This Might I Ask?

I'm Planning To Change My Profile And Background Pictures Every Month.... {Shrugs} If You Wanted To Know....

Hanife {But One Can Call Me Hani}

Fav Things:
Markiplier, CinammonToastKen, VanossGaming, H20 Delirious {I Swear To God Once This Guy Plays Scary Games He Goes Insane He Is My Most Favorite YouTuber Lets Player Before Vanoss} Daithi De Nogla, Dark Colors {Dark Red, Dark Blue, Black, ETC...} Evanescence, Egypt Central Breaking Benjamin, Hotel Saint George, Fall Out Boy, Starset, Digital Daggers, Ghost Town, Halsey And Every Single Song That Is Dark And Creepy... {I Got More But I Think It Will Fill It Up Entirely And I Can't Remember} Cats, Ravens, Eagles, Falcons, Foxes, Wolves, Crows {And Mostly Quite A Few Animals Though Ravens And Crows Are My Most Favorite} Drawing {Though I Draw TERRIBLY} Listening To Music, Roses {Especially Black And Red Ones ^w^} I Love To RolePlay But I Rarely Do It Because Well I Don't Know Who Or Where To Do It, I Love Creepypastas, Singing {Sometimes Even Though I Think I'm Not That Good Heh Heh :3} And I Love Creepy, Dark Stuff And I Believe I Could Handle Gore.

More Things To Say:
I'm Different In Real Life If You Meet Me Im Quite Silent And Antisocial But If You Know Me Well Then I Will Not Be That Silent And Antisocial. I'm Quite A Fangirl {The Fangirl I Mostly Am Is A Crazy Yaoi And Yuri One} And I Love They Way Medieval Plague Doctors Looked Like.....

That's All I Have Say For Now..... Bai!

嚗禦咨im恬 I H冠r 嚗吩選t嚗..... (C_C)儭踱
  • Watching You From The Shadows, In A VERY Dark Forest With Wild Black Roses Growing In It, Or Maybe Flying Around With Ravens Wearing A Plague Doctor Outfit Or Most Probably Spiraling Down The Deep Dark Abyss Of My Insanity.... You?
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