Hey there. 

I'm Laura, otherwise known as Raurz.
I love words and I love expression.
I dabble in a lot of things and my writing reflects that.
Primarily I write gay fiction with a concoction of fantasy, gritty reality, science fiction, supernatural and romance, all mixed in with a healthy dose of emotional turbulence. I'm not shy about being graphic in my stories, just a warning. This includes adult content, horror themes and some that may contain triggers or emotional content.
I hope you enjoy what I write and take responsibility for what you read, I do put warnings on my work.
I'm pretty friendly so don't hesitate to ask me anything at all!

Thanks my lovelies,
Raurz xx
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The Day Love Stories Burned [boyxboy]

Social data: 8.2K reads. 185 votes. 55 comments.

Description: [Sequel To: There's The Cat and Then There's Me] [Contains sexual scenes] This is not a love story. Well, that’s a lie; it was once upon a time, maybe in some distant fairytale. Once it was perfect between him and I. Accel Hilman. I wish I could go...


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There's The Cat and Then There's Me [boyxboy]

There's The Cat and Then There's Me [boyxboy]

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[WARNING: Graphic Sexual Scenes] Welcome to Andrew James Johanessy's life and mind. Seventeen years old...

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Red Rose [bxb]

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Dreamer [boyxboy]

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The Laceration Syndrome [boyxboy]

The Laceration Syndrome [boyxboy]

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Have you ever felt the blade of a knife against your skin? Have you ever felt it drag slowly, watched th...

The more you hold onto it, the more you feed that monster inside you."
@ZoeLamb Probably because his soul is still 'alive'. He wasn't erased from existence or anything. I'm not sure if he retained his god powers, but I'm assuming he can't use them as a ghost form. Also he's not as powerful as someone like Atlan or even Iapetus so I assume even if he was killed he wouldn't rupture the source as he wasn't spat out of it or a primordial God or even a major God like Hades or Lucifer (even though he's technically an angel.) I'm just throwing theories around here so don't take my word for it, Rotty knows all the specifics :P <3