how the hell am I still getting followers ._.


@Random_Meanings bc peopls like me stock people like you.... >:)


So I haven't been here in a VERY long time. Anyone who still regards me and would like to talk to me still at all, I should be here more often now


As the moon hung full in the dark night light, the boy began to wonder what would happen if he asked. 'What would she say' he said to himself. A cool gentle breeze made him shiver, 'Should i take a chance and try, or should i just forget and keep ot to myself?'


Hey:) I love anime! And ur awesome :) I really like soul eater and think soul is freaking hot! You should check out black butler or full metal alchemist there really good too but not as good as soul eater. Okay so bye! :) awsome dude:)

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