As well as writing, I also enjoy reading, photography, cooking, and gardening.
Astronomy and Looking Up on a clear night is a favorite pastime.
Watching Asian dramas is another, and I've been active now for more than ten years.
Favorite authors: Lisa Kleypas, Nora Roberts, and Jude Devereaux in the Romance category. Ernest Hemingway, Arthur Miller, Pushkin, and Truman Capote rank highest in the classics category.
Favorite Novel: Gustave Flaubert's debut novel, Madame Bovary
Favorite Genre: Victorian/Regency Romance
Favorite Music: Ambient, Classical, R&B, Big Band
Favorite color: green.
Favorite sound: crying infant
Favorite food: cucumbers
Favorite season: winter
Favorite TV Series: Project Runway
Favorite Actor: So Ji sub (Korean)
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Story by Raine Balkera
Sing to Me by RaineBalkera
Sing to Me
Liv Beckman has swept the shattered pieces of her past under a rug that she then rolled up and burned before...