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*Flaps wings Happily*
Hello! Hello! my dear darlings the name is Rainbow
I'm so excited to meet you all

[[ Why hello everyone as I said the name is Rainbow but you can call me by any nick name you want I'm not picky as long as you run it by me first and make sure that it is appropriate...I don't do any NSFW here I'm a family oriented person so I have no tolerance for it....my preferred references are She/Her.....Anyway enough rambling.

I love writing Rp I will right almost any genre but just run your ideas by me first and I will let you know if I'm alright with it....also if you can't tell I'm a huge fan of dragons and really anything fantasy related....so if anyone is up for a fun rp just let me know I don't bite I love meeting new people.

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and Fantasy

Stay's far from
One liners
and God play

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