I plan to write a ton on here but only have rough outlines and ideas at the moment.

I love reading as much as I love writing yet have to admit I am a terrible editor and am equally as terrible when it comes to providing constructive criticism. I never wish to sound too mean!

I'm open to any genre, so if you have a story recommendation or wish for me to check out your personal story, send it my way! I'm not that picky, except for a few things:

• I don't usually like first person stories. Though some of my absolute favorite books are in first person - so don't hold back!
• I prefer series over stand alone novels, though I will read them if I enjoy the premise enough!
• I am iffy with science fiction. For some reason I can't really grasp it. Yet that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it!

I currently have no writing schedule nor any works published. As a heads up, I probably will never have a writing schedule.

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