My name's Ezar, How you pronounce it is Ehz-are. But you can call me Ezz. 
I was born on July 9th 1996.

I'm a lame writer who slacks a lot with her story updates but that's only because I take too long polishing my old work and making it better. Please bare with me and don't leave?

My taste in music is basically eclectic. My taste in romance is very high. I like those cute cliche romance stories on here. I am a HUGE television show fan. I watch things with Romance and comedy. Current Favourite? Young and Hungry on Freeform! (Or if you live in Indonesia where I do, it's on Star World.)

I can sing, I can draw and I can play a couple songs on my Guitar! :D
I'm also quite a socialbug so...

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Have a wonderful day! x
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RadicalEzz RadicalEzz Mar 20, 2016 05:05PM
Also, I keep forgetting to tell you guys that I made some medium to a considerably large size of changed in What Should. I absolutely apologise for the confusion. Who knows how many times I got confu...
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The Doctor

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Description: This story is under major construction. What do you do when you were made for destruction and you ended up falling in love with the one thing you were supposed to destroy?


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